The Slow Coffe Style Set makes coffee preparation a contemplative ritual with a high aesthetic standard. Reduced to the essentials, the design focuses on fine details and the best materials. Pure and yet exclusive, the japanese brand Kinto succeeds in creating the ultimate coffee experience. All objects are made by hand and feature a stand made by casting and a porcelain brewer with rich textured glaze. The height of the stand can be adjusted for brewing into your own mug or server. The inner side of the stand's ring is edged so that the brewer fits stably. White dots on the glass server indicate the amount of dripped coffee, and the holder can be used to place the brewer after use.


For a perfect start and tips from the professional, you will receive a video tutorial. And so that you can start brewing your filter coffee, we add three times 250g coffee.


225,00 €Preis
COLOUR: Black Steel
    • Modern design
    • Stainless steel filter without additional paper filter requirement    
    • Ideal size for up to 4 cups    
    • All parts dishwasher safe