SVYT offers the finest coffee specialties from the Brazilian “Fazenda da Lagoa”, one of the oldest and most exquisite coffee plantations in the world. While the extensive Sul de Minas region is characterized by ideal climatic conditions, traditional production methods that have been refined over centuries help to achieve the unique quality of delicate varieties. Following your order, the coffee is freshly roasted and ground by our in-house roaster. Enjoy the taste of Brazil at your workplace or at home!


12,00 €Preis
    • Flavor profile: Sweet - Full body - Harmonious acidity - Slightly nutty - chocolate notes
    • Cultivation region: Sul de Minas
    • Mounting height: 1,100 m
    • Variety: Arabica
    • Mundo Novo, Catuai, Catucai, Acaya
    • Processing: natural
    • Green coffee certification: UTZ


    After your order, the coffee will be freshly roasted and ground as you wish. Accordingly, we ask for 1-2 days of production time before the package is ready to dispatched. Thank you.